DJ Profile: Diamanda Gustafson

(spray­ing SL with healthy dosages of Tan­gle­wood Met­al)

Name: Dia­man­da Gustafson (Dia, M’La­dy WhoopAss, Red, Lady of the Flame or plain old Hey You are also equal­ly applic­a­ble)

Blog: La Musi­ci­enne

Occu­pa­tion: Lady Whoop’Ass/Protector of Cale­don, Wannabe Cos­tumer and mak­er of Stuff, DJ, Are­na Killing Machine, bit of a gar­den­er and snap­shot tak­er. Cer­ti­fied Sil­ly.

Rezzed on: April 28 2007

What do I play: folk met­al, renais­sance loud­band, what I would call “atmosh­per­ic” or “sym­phon­ic” met­al for ease of under­stand­ing but it is real­ly down to a bunch of sub­gen­res, clas­sic, medieval, renais­sance soft band, folk, plain old rock ’n’ roll if I have to. I have a very good library of black met­al, but I real­ly don’t think any­one wants me to go there. But then, who knows?

Ran­dom odds and bits about my self.

I refuse to play greek music. I ride lla­mas. I think McLovin is the new sub­cul­tur­al idol. I nev­er watched Buffy or read Ter­ry Pratch­ett. Heck, I don’t even know if I spelled his name right. I can’t wait for the next sea­son of Heroes. IRL I have nev­er drove a car. (or a lla­ma, but that’s self explana­to­ry now, right?) I actu­al­ly like the col­or green more than red. I know what is the cap­i­tal of Assyr­ia (as well as what is my favourite col­or, I just men­tioned it cou­ple of lines ear­li­er).

A bit of back­ground, I have a whole­some musi­cal edu­ca­tion hav­ing earned a Diplo­ma in Piano and Degrees in Har­mo­ny and Coun­ter­point. I also have 2.5 years of radio expe­ri­ence host­ing a clas­si­cal music radio show for the muni sta­tion back home. I also have more than 10 years of gigs expe­ri­ence, play­ing with bands of var­i­ous gen­res (most­ly folk/folkmetal and black met­al and also medieval and renais­sance con­sorts). This girl has No Shame, and No Stage Fright.

Spin­ning for peo­ple is bet­ter than drugs. Enough said. At least bet­ter than 4 Vicodins a day.

Immor­tal Moment in my RR Car­reer: “I am here to rock the liv­ing crap out of this place”.

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