Debussy, Influences — Special Live Program Tonight

This evening, Sat­ur­day, Jan­u­ary 7, from 7:00pm — 10:00pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic time, I (Gabrielle Riel) will broad­cast a spe­cial live pro­gram on both Radio Riel Main and Radio Riel Rever­ie.

Tonight’s pro­gram is inspired by and focus­es on the music of late 19th Century/early 20th Cen­tu­ry com­pos­er Claude Debussy. It will fea­ture music from the com­posers that influ­enced Debussy, Debussy him­self and the com­posers whose music was influ­enced by Debussy. That last group will take us to some unex­pect­ed musi­cal places and I hope you will enjoy the trip!

Tune in to either Main or Rever­ie as I broad­cast this pro­gram live from Eva Bel­lam­bi’s 6th Annu­al Snowflake Ball in Sec­ond Life.

The ZBS Radio Hour will return from its hol­i­day hia­tus next Sat­ur­day at its usu­al times of 11:00am and 7:00pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic time.

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