Daylight Saving Time in North America

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by Elrik Merlin on Sunday, 14 March, 2010

Most of the United States and Canada are now on Daylight Saving Time, and have moved the clocks ahead one hour. This means that Pacific Time/Second Life Time is now only seven hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, aka Universal Time or UT) instead of eight.

Clocks in Europe and several other parts of the world go forward later. In the European Union, Summer Time comes in on the last Sunday in March at 1am Universal Time — March 28 this year.

Daylight Saving or Summer Time is most common in higher latitudes and a great many countries either side of the Equator and elsewhere (including a few US states and Canadian provinces) do not use it at all.

As a result, please check carefully to be sure that you attend an event in Second Life at the correct time if you live outside North America, especially until the end of the month: you may find events are occurring an hour earlier than you expect.


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