Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach Opening

Baron Klaus Wulfen­bach invites the Pop­u­lace of Cale­don to the offi­cial open­ing of the Con­sulate of Europa Wulfen­bach to the Inde­pen­dent State of Cale­don, Kit­ti­wick Town, Kit­ti­wick­shire, on the 20th of Octo­ber, 4 o’clock SLT until all are tired (Ear­ly Birds may show up when con­ve­nient).

Semi-for­mal dress or ser­vice uni­form request­ed.

Danc­ing and buf­fet will be Tiny-enabled.

Music played by Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel the Duchess of Carn­taigh and His Lord­ship, Edward Pearse, the Earl of Prim­broke, both of Radio Riel.

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