Classic(al) Rock from Holland

Today’s extend­ed broad­cast fea­tures clas­si­cal­ly-influ­enced rock from the 1970s, in the form of music by the tal­ent­ed Dutch key­board play­er Rick van der Lin­den, who sad­ly died ear­li­er this year.

Van der Lin­den is remem­bered pri­mar­i­ly for his two bands, Eksep­tion and Trace. Clas­si­cal­ly trained, Rick van der Lin­den was ini­tial­ly very much influ­enced by Kei­th Emer­son and The Nice, but his band Eksep­tion took the con­cept of clas­si­cal-influ­enced rock a great deal fur­ther. Going on to form Trace, the first of whose two albums was released in 1974, this approach is tak­en to per­haps its high­est point in the rock world.

Lit­tle-known out­side Hol­land and Ger­many (though the first Trace album did receive air­play in the US), Rick van der Lin­den’s work deserves a wider audi­ence. We are play­ing the first six Eksep­tion albums (in which van der Lin­den was involved) plus both Trace albums — now with meta­da­ta, so you know what we’re play­ing!

For more on Rick van der Lin­den, vis­it the Eksep­tion web site or read his Wikipedia entry here.

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