Classical Portends of Easter coming

in Daily Programme

by Soliel Snook on Tuesday, 30 March, 2010

Our world is filled with noise in these modern times, background noise of the buzz of everyday 21st century life. Sit back and listen today to some classical music by Bach, Saint Saens, Mozart, Shumann and others from earlier centuries. Interspersed you will hear the music of our upcoming Easter from composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and the wonderful vocal blends of music that was written only for the Vatican to hear.

Radio Riel produces this program in conjunction with the Alexandrian Free Library Consortium of Second Life. You can listen to the program now at . Today’s music originates from the music library of Soliel Snook.

For more information on the Alexandrian Free Library, current exhibits and the work of Consortium members in general, please visit the Alexandrian Free Library website, or one of their branches in-world.


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