Classical Music: 1400 — 1750

in Daily Programme, Radio Riel Main

by Gabrielle Riel on Sunday, 20 July, 2014

The general term “classical music” refers to European formal music that was composed any time between the 11th century and present day. This wide range of time breaks down into multiple eras of music. Each of these eras is defined by shared attributes that differ from the other eras.

Today’s program on Radio Riel’s main stream features the music from the early years of Western classical music. The specific eras on which we are focusing for this program are the Renaissance and Baroque periods, which means that you will hear music that was composed between 1400 — 1750. Hop on board the musical time machine with us. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Today’s program is presented by Gabrielle Riel. If you are in the United States, please click here to launch the Stream Licensing player. To listen from outside of the United States, click here to start your player .


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