Classic Electronica

Today’s extend­ed broad­cast on our new chan­nel of fea­tures a pro­gramme of Clas­sic Elec­tron­i­ca, includ­ing such gems as Music from Math­e­mat­ics — music gen­er­at­ed from an IBM 7090 com­put­er in the ear­ly 1960s and includ­ing the orig­i­nal of a com­put­er ‘voice’ singing Daisy, Daisy, on which HAL’s ‘song’ in 2001 was based.

Oth­er good­ies in this show include Tom Dis­sevelt & Kid Bal­tan’s ear­ly 1960s album record­ed at Philips Lab­o­ra­to­ries in Hol­land — in the Amer­i­can stereo ver­sion where it was released as Song of the Sec­ond Moon; Mort Gar­son­’s sem­i­nal The Zodi­ac and the orig­i­nal work of Jean-Jacques Per­rey and Ger­shon Kings­ley from The In Sound from Way Out and beyond, includ­ing the orig­i­nal ver­sion of Baroque Hoe­down (which knocks spots off They Might Be Giants).

We also play sev­er­al albums by Lar­ry Fast, record­ing as Syn­er­gy in the 1970s; some clas­sic Kraftwerk and, of course, Wendy Car­los with the ground-break­ing Switched-On Bach (1968) and its sequels.

Tune in now on our new chan­nel:!

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