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by Elrik Merlin on Friday, 27 January, 2017

Just a quick reminder that we at Radio Riel will be changing our servers shortly, and to make sure your enjoyment of listening to Radio Riel continues uninterrupted, we suggest you check the URLs you’re using to listen to us.

Please check the Radio Riel URLs that you are using — in a player, on your parcel in a virtual world or an in-world stream player. If they appear in the “Radio Riel Redirects” list below, you need do nothing at all. However if they are all, or mainly, numbers, like “” or they include the word “server” in them, you need to change them to the appropriate URL shown below. These links also appear at the top left of this page. You should be able to prefix any of the URLs listen with “http://” and use them in a player. Note that until we switch to our new server in early February (we’ll let you know exactly when), these links will not work if you try playing them in a Chrome or Safari web browser (including the TuneIn and StreamLicensing web players), but they will work with a stand-alone player such as VLC, WinAmp, TapinRadio and on phones and tablets, including the TuneIn App.

Radio Riel Redirects

Plug these URLs into a stand-alone internet radio player such as VLC, WinAmp, TapinRadio and others, or into phone-based apps like TuneIn. Until we move to our new server, they will not work in web-based players using Chrome or Safari.

  • Main Stream: ( also works)
  • Ragtime:
  • Steampunk:
  • Dieselpunk:
  • Reverie:
  • Volksmusik:

Once we have switched to our new server in early February, you’ll once again be able to use Web players to listen to Radio Riel, which is something that many of you cannot do currently. You will also be able to listen using the TuneIn curated directory web site. Currently, the latest versions of Chrome and Safari do not let you listen to Shoutcast v1 streams (which is what our “old” server provides) from within the browser (so you can’t hear us via the TuneIn web site for example). Firefox is OK at the moment, but that may not last. To get around this issue, we are moving to a new server system running Icecast-KH servers, which are not blocked by players in the new versions of Chrome, Safari or other web browsers.


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