Change is coming — are you ready?

Just a quick reminder that we at Radio Riel will be chang­ing our servers short­ly, and to make sure your enjoy­ment of lis­ten­ing to Radio Riel con­tin­ues unin­ter­rupt­ed, we sug­gest you check the URLs you’re using to lis­ten to us.

Please check the Radio Riel URLs that you are using — in a play­er, on your par­cel in a vir­tu­al world or an in-world stream play­er. If they appear in the “Radio Riel Redi­rects” list below, you need do noth­ing at all. How­ev­er if they are all, or main­ly, num­bers, like “” or they include the word “serv­er” in them, you need to change them to the appro­pri­ate URL shown below. These links also appear at the top left of this page. You should be able to pre­fix any of the URLs lis­ten with “http://” and use them in a play­er. Note that until we switch to our new serv­er in ear­ly Feb­ru­ary (we’ll let you know exact­ly when), these links will not work if you try play­ing them in a Chrome or Safari web brows­er (includ­ing the TuneIn and Stream­Li­cens­ing web play­ers), but they will work with a stand-alone play­er such as VLC, WinAmp, Tap­in­Ra­dio and on phones and tablets, includ­ing the TuneIn App.

Radio Riel Redi­rects

Plug these URLs into a stand-alone inter­net radio play­er such as VLC, WinAmp, Tap­in­Ra­dio and oth­ers, or into phone-based apps like TuneIn. Until we move to our new serv­er, they will not work in web-based play­ers using Chrome or Safari.

  • Main Stream: ( also works)
  • Rag­time:
  • Steam­punk:
  • Dieselpunk:
  • Rever­ie:
  • Volksmusik:

Once we have switched to our new serv­er in ear­ly Feb­ru­ary, you’ll once again be able to use Web play­ers to lis­ten to Radio Riel, which is some­thing that many of you can­not do cur­rent­ly. You will also be able to lis­ten using the TuneIn curat­ed direc­to­ry web site. Cur­rent­ly, the lat­est ver­sions of Chrome and Safari do not let you lis­ten to Shout­cast v1 streams (which is what our “old” serv­er pro­vides) from with­in the brows­er (so you can’t hear us via the TuneIn web site for exam­ple). Fire­fox is OK at the moment, but that may not last. To get around this issue, we are mov­ing to a new serv­er sys­tem run­ning Ice­cast-KH servers, which are not blocked by play­ers in the new ver­sions of Chrome, Safari or oth­er web browsers.

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