CDS Garden Party and Auction — 2:00pm — 5:00pm SLT

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by Gabrielle Riel on Sunday, 8 June, 2008

The Confederation of Democratic Sims, (CDS) is the oldest democracy in Second Life. It consist of three, soon to be four, themed sims, medieval Bavaria (Neufreistadt) a rural Alpine Meadow, and an ancient Roman city, Colonia Nova. All public buildings and infrastructure in the CDS has been completed through the work of dedicated volunteers and teachers of the non governmental organization know as The New Guild.

To offset the cost of tier for its School building in NFS, and other costs related to teaching and continuing to provide high quality structures, the New Guild is holding its second annual fundraising auction in Alpine Meadow. Everyone is invited to join the party as we dance to Big Band Sounds in the new open air theater, The Old Bowl, picnic on the mountainside, and bid on items ranging from a Roman domus to a live concert, and most everything in between. Also on display is an exhibit on the General Master Plan, highlighting potential future growth of CDS.

Music provided by Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel — tune in at .



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