Carnivale program is on, Revelry on Revelry to be Rescheduled

Hap­pi­ly the Car­ni­vale pro­gram is now live and run­ning on Radio Riel’s Main stream! Sad­ly, I will be resched­ul­ing Rev­el­ry on Rever­ie for anoth­er time. Joyeux Car­naval!

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3 Responses to “Carnivale program is on, Revelry on Revelry to be Rescheduled”

  1. Kylinn Leimes says:

    Alas, when I try to play from the web, I get to a page that says “Offline for Main­te­nance” and “Loud­C­i­ty is now closed”. Is there an alter­nate link?

    • Gabrielle Riel says:

      Yes — enter the fol­low­ing into the “open stream” or “open URL” option in your media play­er:

      Our license provider went out of busi­ness. We have a new one, but are in the mid­dle of the tran­si­tion to the new ser­vice. This URL will tune you in!

  2. […] last month’s Car­ni­vale pro­gram had to be can­celed due to soft­ware prob­lems, but last month’s loss is this month’s gain! Today’s SftN is the […]

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