CaleCon Live Broadcasts!

This week­end, the vir­tu­al and the actu­al meet as Cale­do­nians gath­er in Strat­ford, Ontario, Cana­da for the First Annu­al Cale­Con! Radio Riel is bring­ing you two events that will be broad­cast live from the week­end fes­tiv­i­ties.

Fri­day, August 29 — 4:30pm — 6:30pm SLT
Elrik Mer­lin and Soliel Snook broad­cast for Radio Riel live from the Cale­Con kick off event, the Loch Avie Cock­tail par­ty host­ed by Eva Bel­lam­bi. Rik and Soliel will play a mix of Celtic music and inter­view Cale­Con atten­dees!

Audio feed:

• Due to tech­ni­cal dif­fi­cul­ties, we were unable to broad­cast live inter­views with atten­dees dur­ing last night’s live pro­gramme. How­ev­er, Gabrielle Riel will be record­ing inter­views dur­ing the course of the week­end for lat­er broad­cast. Our apolo­gies to those of you who were look­ing for­ward to them on Fri­day.

Sat­ur­day, August 30 — 6:30pm — 8:30pm SLT
Gabrielle Riel broad­casts live for Radio Riel from the Cale­Con post-ban­quet dance. Edward Pearse hosts the in world dance at Coughton Court in Cale­don Carn­taigh. (

There will be dual video feeds for this event. Quick­time movie play­ers in Coughton Court will play the feed from Cale­Con, and SL will be pro­ject­ed on a screen in the din­ing room for the Cale­Con atten­dees.

Audio feed:
Video feed: rtsp://

Vivat Cale­don!

• Spe­cial thanks from all of us at Radio Riel to Edwina Heron and Edward Pearse for pro­vid­ing our main stream pro­gram­ming while sev­er­al oth­er mem­bers of staff have been par­tic­i­pat­ing in Cale­Con.

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