Burning Life While Burning the Midnight Oil

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by Gabrielle Riel on Tuesday, 20 October, 2009

Ok all you Aussies, stay at home Euros and Brits and North American Insomniacs! Please join me (Gabrielle Riel) as I play live at the Berlin Stage at Burning Life from 2:00am — 5:00am SLT on Wednesday, October 21. Yes, I think I did lose my mind when I told the organizers that I could play at any time…

You can tune in on http://event.radioriel.org — I am simulcasting to our stream. I am going to play some Steampunk, some Electronica and whatever else I can think of. Or please join me on the Giant Scorpion at the following SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Life-Sulphur/231/6/26 . (Yeah, the stage is a giant Scorpion…definitely the most unique stage I will have ever played.)


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