Breakfast in Babbage — Schpooky Edition 8:00am SLT

From Blog pic­tures

This week­end’s Break­fast in Bab­bage will be a dou­ble event. In addi­tion to the usu­al col­lec­tion of odd music and brain melt­ing, it will also be Edward Pearse’s 3rd Rez Day.

To help you get in the mood for the upcom­ing Hal­lowe’en fes­tiv­i­ties the music will be of the sch­pooky vari­ety.

Join us at The Claren­don in New Bab­bage from 8am to 10am this Sat­ur­day or tune in at

Also, due to the slow creep of Day­light Sav­ings, this will be the last Break­fast in Bab­bage. Watch this space for the time for next mon­th’s event (“Brunch” per­haps?)

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