Bedlam in Babbage: Muppets!

Jim Hen­son’s pup­pet cre­ations have spawned some 30 albums, half a dozen dif­fer­ent TV shows and 9 movies. That’s not count­ing non-mup­pet projects like Labyrinth and The Dark Crys­tal.

More recent­ly the Mup­pets have released cov­ers of some well known rock songs like Queen’s Bohemi­an Rhap­sody, or the bar­ber­shop quar­tet cov­er of Smells Like Teen Spir­it from the recent movie.

Join Edward Pearse at the Claren­don for an explo­ration of the sil­ly, the fuzzy, and the green.

Mah na Mah na.

2pm to 4pm SLT Sat­ur­day 11th of Feb­ru­ary.

Or tune in on Radio Riel Steam­punk

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