Battle of the Presenters — “Cabin Fever” — 3–5pm SLT

It’s the depths of January…are you suf­fer­ing from Cab­in Fever?  Are you irri­ta­ble, itchy, and down to your last piece of choco­late?  Snap­pish?  Lost your snark?  Too much cold?  Too much snow?  Too much blis­ter­ing heat if you are Down Under?

Take heart.. Duchess Radio, the Tune God­dess and the JPop Princess are bring­ing you relief this after­noon.  Gabrielle Riel, Soliel Snook and Mit­su Figaro will treat you with a Bat­tle of the Pre­sen­ters, today from 3–5pm SLT at the Claren­don ( in New Bab­bage.  Our theme for the Bat­tle is “Cab­in Fever”!

Why suf­fer when you can get relief from your ten­sion by lis­ten­ing to these ladies on Radio Riel Steam­punk ( Your heal­ing is close at hand..

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