Battle of the Presenters — “Cabin Fever” — 3–5pm SLT

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by Gabrielle Riel on Thursday, 14 January, 2010

It’s the depths of January…are you suffering from Cabin Fever?  Are you irritable, itchy, and down to your last piece of chocolate?  Snappish?  Lost your snark?  Too much cold?  Too much snow?  Too much blistering heat if you are Down Under?

Take heart.. Duchess Radio, the Tune Goddess and the JPop Princess are bringing you relief this afternoon.  Gabrielle Riel, Soliel Snook and Mitsu Figaro will treat you with a Battle of the Presenters, today from 3–5pm SLT at the Clarendon ( in New Babbage.  Our theme for the Battle is “Cabin Fever”!

Why suffer when you can get relief from your tension by listening to these ladies on Radio Riel Steampunk ( Your healing is close at hand..


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