Baroque Blues is back!

12pm — 2pm SLT Thurs­days
After a hia­tus dur­ing the Christ­mas Sea­son, Please join me, Soliel Snook at Radio Riel Head­quar­ters tonight for Baroque Blues.

I will be review­ing the new Pink and Duffy albums and toss­ing in some of my favorite blues tunes.

You don’t have to join us to enjoy us. Baroque Blues was designed to be a Radio Show to be lis­tened to, so you can work, build, play or what ever and still lis­ten to some great music. But if you would like to join us, feel free!

Join me at Radio Riel’s HQ at Edi­son Hypa­tia to lis­ten with the rest of us or tune your music play­er of choice to if you can’t make it in per­son.

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