BAROQUE BLUES At the Baudy Hotel 12pm — 2pm SLT


Tonight.. I will be play­ing for your lis­ten­ing plea­sure (or angst) Love songs.. Songs of Unre­quit­ed Love. We are com­ing up to Valen­tine’s day in 10 days or so.. and so Tonight is for all the loves lost, love that has been missed… mis­used and mis­led.
We will hear Bil­lie Hol­i­day, Nina Simone, Nora Jones, Frank Sina­tra, Robert Cray, and all the oth­ers who have felt Love’s loss.

The Hotel Baudy, in the roman­tic sim of Giverny will host the songs from our hearts. All are invit­ed.. Han­kies are free.… Danc­ing is option­al..

Glad to be Unhap­py
“Unre­quit­ed love’s a bore And I’ve got it pret­ty bad But for some­one you adore
It’s a plea­sure to be sad“
Roger’s & Hart

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