Baroque, Bach and Beyond

Today’s pro­gramme on our Main Stream fea­tures music from the Baroque era and while it includes the music of J S Bach, it also includes many oth­er com­posers of the peri­od, both well-known and sel­dom-heard.

Lis­ten­ers may find it strange to dis­cov­er that dur­ing his life­time J S Bach was thought some­what old-fash­ioned and behind the times, as oth­er com­posers adopt­ed more dec­o­rat­ed roco­co styles. Today, of course, it’s a dif­fer­ent mat­ter and there is a vast library of record­ings of his work avail­able, a selec­tion of which we will hear dur­ing the pro­gramme.

Then join us at 11am or 7pm Pacif­ic Time (19:00 or 03:00 GMT) for two more instal­ments of the clas­sic ZBS radio ser­i­al, The Fourth Tow­er of Inver­ness, in The ZBS Radio Hour – brought to you by our friends at ZBS Foun­da­tion.

Today’s pro­gramme is pre­sent­ed by Elrik Mer­lin. If you are in the Unit­ed States or Cana­da, please click here to launch the Stream Licens­ing play­er. You can also lis­ten via TuneIn.

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