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by Elrik Merlin on Friday, 14 March, 2008

Join Fuschia Begonia and the gang at Fuschia’s Frocks, Caledon Wellsian from 2pm to 5pm SLT (21:00 – midnight GMT: note the unusual time difference!) on Friday March 14 for some timeless entertainment as we take you… Back to the Fuschia!

Radio Riel presenter Elrik Merlin, with the assistance of host Soliel Snook, will
be playing music from the 1950s and 1980s in a themed party that will be everything you can imagine a bad movie pun can mean, from DeLoreans to Rock’n’Roll and Flux Capacitors, with a little thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure. And not only that: Fuschia is widely rumoured to be showcasing an exciting new line!

Visit this SLURL — — and follow the beacon from the hub; IM Soleil Snook for a TP; or simply head over to the North side of Wellsian, and up the hillside ramp opposite the Branch Library.

This party is a must for fashionistas and rock’n’roll freaks wherever you may be in the Metaverse. Come and check out Fuschia’s extensive lines of Ladies and Gentlemen’s Outfits – and dance your attachments off! Let’s party like it’s 1985… er… 1955… er…

If you can’t catch the party, catch the music —


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