Bach and the Baroque

This day in 1723 marked the debut of J. S. Bach as Can­tor at Leipzig’s Thomass­chule, with his first can­ta­ta per­for­mance in Leipzig, pre­sent­ed at Niko­laikirche (St. Nico­lai Church).

The work per­formed was the Can­ta­ta No. 75, Die Elen­den sollen essen. He was offi­cial­ly induct­ed as Can­tor the fol­low­ing day, at the same time becom­ing Direc­tor of Music at the city’s prin­ci­pal church­es, the Niko­laikirche and the Paulin­erkirche (the church of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Leipzig).

On our Main Stream today, we present a pro­gramme of music by Bach and his Baroque con­tem­po­raries, with a wide selec­tion of music from com­posers of the era.

Today’s pro­gramme is pre­sent­ed by Elrik Mer­lin. You can lis­ten to the pro­gramme in-world at the appoint­ed time at, or sim­ply click here to start your play­er, if your brows­er is con­fig­ured to do so. Lis­ten­ers in the Unit­ed States are encour­aged to tune in using this link:

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