Audite Nova!

This mon­th’s install­ment of Audite Nova focus­es on the the music of the Mid­dle Ages and par­tic­u­lar­ly on ear­ly polypho­ny as well as ear­ly sec­u­lar music, with works of some of the most impor­tant man­u­scripts, such as the Canti­gas de San­ta Maria, the Mont­pel­li­er Codex, the Lli­bre Ver­mell et cetera.

Should you choose to dis­cov­er the diver­si­ty of medieval and renais­sance music, you can join us in-world from 8 to 9:30pm SLT atCoughton Court, Cale­don Rothe­say or tune-in at the Radio Riel Main Stream.

Audite Nova is a month­ly pro­gramme of pre-1650 music pre­sent­ed on the sec­ond Thurs­day of the month by Dia­man­da Gustafson.

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