Art Deco: Music of the 1920s & 1930s

Rivera DIA

The term “Art Deco” is used to refer to the icon­ic visu­al arts style that reigned in the ear­ly 20th Cen­tu­ry between World War I and World War II. It is not some­thing that is applied to music; how­ev­er we at Radio Riel are chang­ing that for the day!

Today’s pro­gram on Radio Riel’s Main stream is com­prised of both pop­u­lar and clas­si­cal music from rough­ly 1920 — 1940. This time frame was also the era of the Art Deco move­ment.

One of the com­po­nents of Art Deco that dif­fer­en­ti­at­ed it from any pre­vi­ous artis­tic move­ment was its focus on progress via tech­nol­o­gy. Pos­si­bly the best musi­cal exam­ple of this was Aaron Cop­land’s piece “The City”. The City” was a doc­u­men­tary made for the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. Cop­land’s score accom­pa­nied the film, which described the ide­al “City of Tomor­row”.

As a part of today’s pro­gram, we will be play­ing “The City” at 2:00pm, 6:00pm and 8:00pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic time.

Today’s pro­gram is pre­sent­ed by Gabrielle Riel. If you are in the Unit­ed States, please click here to launch the Stream Licens­ing play­er. To lis­ten from out­side of the Unit­ed States, click here to start your play­er .

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