An Invitation to New Toulouse Venetian Night

White swan of cities, slum­ber­ing in thy nest
So won­der­ful­ly built among the reeds
Of the lagoon, that fences thee and feeds,
As sayeth thy old his­to­ri­an and thy guest!
White water-lily, cra­dled and caressed
By ocean streams, and from the silt and weeds
Lift­ing thy gold­en fil­a­ments and seeds.
Thy sun-illu­mined spires, thy crown and crest!
White phan­tom city, whose untrod­den streets
Are rivers, and whose pave­ments are the shift­ing
Shad­ows of palaces and strips of sky;
I wait to see thee van­ish like the fleets
Seen in mirage, or tow­ers of cloud uplift­ing
In air their unsub­stan­tial mason­ry.

Ladies and Gen­tle­man of the Steam­lands, the Res­i­dents of New Toulouse cor­dial­ly invite you to “Venet­ian Night”, a day-long night of light, water, beau­ty and adven­ture on Sat­ur­day, Feb­ru­ary 5, 2011.

All day on Feb­ru­ary 5, night will fall and the water will rise on New Toulouse. The streets will become canals lit by the flames of can­dles and lanterns. We invite you to bring your boats and to explore New Toulouse in a way in which you nev­er have before. We encour­age boat­ing at any time through­out the day and we also have sched­uled times dur­ing which we invite boaters to gath­er en masse for an hour of float­ing frol­ic! Sched­uled boat­ing is from 2:00pm — 3:00pm SLT and from 7:00pm — 8:00pm SLT.

We shall con­clude our Venet­ian Night, as well as our week-long Fes­ti­val of Lights, at the Inau­gur­al Mac­a­roon Ball at the Hôtel Spir­itueaux from 8:00pm — 10:00pm SLT. Cap­tain Star­ling Alec­to will host this Venet­ian Mas­quer­ade at the hotel off the square in New Toulouse Bour­bon and Prim Min­is­ter Gabrielle Riel will pro­vide Clas­si­cal music on Radio Riel New Toulouse. For­mal attire from any era, with masks, encour­aged. Cap­tain Alec­to invites all guests to tour the hotel…at their own risk…

SLURL for the Lev­ee in New Toulouse Bour­bon (one of the few spots that will be above water) for boat­ing:

SLURL for the Hôtel Spir­itueaux:

Poem: Venice, by Hen­ry Wadsworth Longfel­low

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