Advance notice: Apr 10, Topsy Turvy in aid of RFL

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by Elrik Merlin on Saturday, 4 April, 2009

Pray mark your Calendars: Friday at 1pm, for this exclusive fund-raising event for RFL.

Brought to you live from a specially-built theatre high over Caledon Rothesay, for the edification and delight of assorted Ladies and Gentles, we are proud to present a Celebration of the Works of Messrs Gilbert & Sullivan, in aid of Relay for Life, with all Proceeds going to this Noble Cause.

Please Join Us One & All for this Memorable Occasion, and enjoy excerpts from many of the Most Popular Operettas under the baton of Mr Elrik Merlin, whom you may also Sponsor, Cajole or Otherwise Persuade, by Means Yet to be Determined, to Sing Live, as it were, one or two Memorable Songs by the aforementioned Gentlemen.

The Event shall be Broadcast on our Main Stream as the Culmination of a Day of Period Music.

More details to follow.


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