Advance notice: Apr 10, Topsy Turvy in aid of RFL

Pray mark your Cal­en­dars: Fri­day at 1pm, for this exclu­sive fund-rais­ing event for RFL.

Brought to you live from a spe­cial­ly-built the­atre high over Cale­don Rothe­say, for the edi­fi­ca­tion and delight of assort­ed Ladies and Gen­tles, we are proud to present a Cel­e­bra­tion of the Works of Messrs Gilbert & Sul­li­van, in aid of Relay for Life, with all Pro­ceeds going to this Noble Cause.

Please Join Us One & All for this Mem­o­rable Occa­sion, and enjoy excerpts from many of the Most Pop­u­lar Operettas under the baton of Mr Elrik Mer­lin, whom you may also Spon­sor, Cajole or Oth­er­wise Per­suade, by Means Yet to be Deter­mined, to Sing Live, as it were, one or two Mem­o­rable Songs by the afore­men­tioned Gen­tle­men.

The Event shall be Broad­cast on our Main Stream as the Cul­mi­na­tion of a Day of Peri­od Music.

More details to fol­low.

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