Adeus a Cesária — 6–8:30PM SLT

Tonight on Mon­day Night World Music we bid a heart­felt, grate­ful farewell to Cape Verdean leg­end Cesária Évo­ra, who passed away this week­end at the age of 70.

This evening we will explore the music of Cape Verde, of oth­er parts of West Africa, and of Por­tu­gal, with a spe­cial focus on Cesária Évo­ra’s own music and new gen­er­a­tions of artists she helped to inspire.

Come hang out with Carter and enjoy the mor­na with us tonight from 6–8:30PM SLT. You can join Carter in world at Mad­hu’s Café Indi­en, or lis­ten in on Radio Riel’s main stream. Hope to see you there!

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