…A Tribute in Music to Motown

April the 11th, 1pm to 4pm SLT
…A Trib­ute to The Greats of Motown!

The Four Tops, Gladys Night and the Pips, Mar­vin Gaye, Martha & the Van­del­las, The Jack­son 5, Mir­a­cles, Supremes, Mar­velettes, Temp­ta­tions, Mary Wells, Junior Walk­er & The All Stars, Ste­vie Won­der, Eddie Kendricks, Jer­maine Jack­son, Micheal Jack­son, Smokey Robin­son, Dian­na Ross, Spin­ners, Com­modores, Rock­well. The list goes on! This is gonna be one hell of a night!
DJ Soliel Snook of Radio Riel, will be bring­ing us the very best of Motown Records. 3hrs of music that shaped his­to­ry!

Any dis­cus­sion of the artists of Motown Records begins with a caveat: Motown was a sound. It was the dri­ving beat, the propul­sive bass, the crack­ling cym­bals, the punchy horns — and yet it was more. It was pop and rock, black and white, soul, gospel, and glitz. It was all of the above, and it was more than the sum of its parts. It was a sound that explod­ed from lit­tle speak­ers in car dash­boards and tran­sis­tor radios, heavy with hopes and dreams, laden with lust and antic­i­pa­tion, slic­ing like light­ning through the smog­gy heat of blight­ed urban land­scapes. From Detroit to Dal­las, New York to Los Ange­les, Motown was the sound of the 60’s — as much or more than the Bea­t­les or Stones, Janis or Jimi, Stax or Atlantic. Motown was a sound. It was “The Sound of Young Amer­i­ca.”

Even more, Motown was a sound cre­at­ed not by stars, but by com­mit­tee. In a neat row of hous­es on West Grand Boule­vard, a hand­ful of pro­duc­ers, song­writ­ers, and musi­cians cre­at­ed near­ly every one of Motown’s hun­dreds of hit sin­gles. Like the shiny Cadil­lacs that rolled off the assem­bly lines just down the road, these records were pieced togeth­er with pre­ci­sion by jour­ney­men like James Jamer­son, Mick­ey Steven­son, Ben­ny Ben­jamin, Earl Van Dyke, Nor­man Whit­field, Niko­las Ash­ford, and the fabled troi­ka of Eddie Hol­land, Lam­ont Dozi­er, and Bri­an Hol­land. These men (and a few women) were lucky if their names appeared any­where on the record labels or dust jack­ets, but they were the archi­tects of the Motown sound. As great as the singers were — and some of them were tru­ly divine — they were almost inter­change­able. No mat­ter who sang the song, it was that indeli­ble Motown sound that sold the record.
Dress appro­pri­ate­ly, as usu­al, an’ see you there 🙂

Trib­ute Island
Trib­ute Island is all about cel­e­brat­ing the lives of the peo­ple we’ve lost and loved. Peo­ple who have inspired us, enter­tained us, self­less­ly pro­tect­ed us, and who have filled our lives with sound and colour.Most of our exhibits are inter­ac­tive in some way. This place has loads of ‘East­er eggs’ just for fun. The island is rough­ly divid­ed into top­i­cal areas. Enjoy explor­ing, and click the exhibits for free­bies and to leave your own trib­ute. We also hold reg­u­lar events, and infor­ma­tion is post­ed for these both in the Info Cen­tre and at the hub or avail­able thor­ough the Trib­ute Island group. Why not grab a free Trib­ute Island scoot­er from by the main tele­hub to help you get about.

Trib­ute Island is an ongo­ing exper­i­ment by Asso­ci­at­ed North­cliffe Dig­i­tal, part of the online wing of the DMGT group in the UK. It is kept free for every­one to use for the fore­see­able future.

Trib­ute Island is man­aged by a staff, who run social events and main­tain the sim on a semi-vol­un­tary basis. If you would like to help, please con­tact a sim man­ag­er for more information.Tribute Island was built dur­ing Octo­ber ’07 by AND, with the senior design con­sul­tants and mas­ter builders of Wind Meta Works.

Please explore the island, take some time to con­tem­plate and think about some of the exhibits, and help cel­e­brate the lives of the peo­ple rep­re­sent­ed here.

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