A Snowy Evening”

Dear Res­i­dents of Cale­don, Miss Teaa Dem­i­na cor­dial­ly invites you to the launch of her hol­i­day fash­ion line for Vic­to­ri­an ladies and gen­tle­men.

A Snowy Evening” will take place in Cale­don Loch Avie, start­ing right off the tele­hub, this Fri­day, Decem­ber 12.

We have two shows to acco­mo­date our res­i­dents in vary­ing time zones: 12–1pm SLT and 7:30–8:30pm SLT.

Please join us for a stroll through a love­ly win­ter won­der­land, and a pre­view of the most ele­gant hol­i­day fash­ions!

I send a spe­cial “thank you” to my Cousin Eva, the Duchess of Loch Avie for gra­cious­ly offer­ing her home for this spe­cial event.

~ Gabrielle

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