A Scottish Tapestry

Today’s pro­gramme cel­e­brates the music of Scot­land, and pays trib­ute to the cre­ators across the coun­try of the Great Tapes­try of Scot­land, cur­rent­ly on show in the Scot­tish Par­lia­ment Build­ing in Edin­burgh.

The Great Tapes­try of Scot­land, nor­mal­ly housed in Pais­ley, is the world’s longest tapes­try, 143 metres (469 ft) long (twice the length of the Bayeux Tapes­try). It was designed by Andrew Crum­my, also the design­er of the Pre­ston­pans Tapes­try, imple­ment­ing an idea of Scot­tish author Alexan­der McCall Smith for a grand tapes­try to depict episodes from 12,000 years of Scot­tish his­to­ry.

The Tapes­try’s 160 pan­els include depic­tions of the end of the most recent Ice Age in 8,500 BC, the cir­cum­nav­i­ga­tion by Pyth­eas c.320BC, Viking inva­sions in the 9th cen­tu­ry, Duns Sco­tus in c.1300, the Bat­tle of Ban­nock­burn in 1314, the Black Death in the 1350s, the foun­da­tion of St Andrews Uni­ver­si­ty in 1413, the Bat­tle of Flod­den in 1513, Mary, Queen of Scots in the 16th cen­tu­ry, the pub­li­ca­tion of the King James Bible in 1611, the Act of Union in 1707, the first and sec­ond Jaco­bite Ris­ings in 1715 and 1745, James Watt, Adam Smith, David Hume, James Boswell, Wal­ter Scott, James Clerk Maxwell, High­land Games, the First and Sec­ond World Wars, North Sea oil, Dol­ly the Sheep (born 1996), and the re-estab­lish­ment of the Scot­tish Par­lia­ment in 1999.

Each pan­el, approx­i­mate­ly 1 metre square, took around 500 hours to sew, involv­ing hun­dreds of peo­ple from sewing groups across Scot­land work­ing between Spring 2012 to Sep­tem­ber 2013. The com­plet­ed tapes­try was unveiled on 3 Sep­tem­ber 2013 in the Main Hall of the Scot­tish Par­lia­ment build­ing, where it is cur­rent­ly on dis­play for the sum­mer.*

The ZBS Radio Hour

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*Adapt­ed from the Wikipedia page. The image of the first pan­el in the Tapes­try is tak­en from an arti­cle on the tapes­try here, but the source of the image is not cred­it­ed. If you took this pic­ture, please let us know so we can add a cred­it (or take it down if required).

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