A.R.t Galerie Grande Opening

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by Gabrielle Riel on Thursday, 30 August, 2007

1 September 2007, 11:30A SLT (19.30 GMT)

Please join us for our official grande opening and celebrate our first artists: Gio Novi, GM Nikolaidis, and Robbin Roelofs. Cylindrian Rutabaga (cylindrian.wordpress.com), singer/songwriter in RL and SL, will perform live for us. Her music is fabulous! We will also have Gabrielle Riel, from Radio Riel, DJ a couple of hours of dance music for us too.

Grande Opening Schedule:
11:30A SLT > open the doors
12:00P SLT > welcome & official announcements
1:00P — 2P SLT > live performance, Cylindrian Rutabaga performs live!
7:00P — 9P SLT > live DJ, Gabrielle Riel from Radio Riel.…… let’s dance!

***** About the Galerie, http://www.calicoinfo.net/artgalerie/ *****
A.R.t Galerie is the New Boston Art Colony, residing on an island on the New Boston Station sim. A.R.t Galerie has three floors and spacious land, plenty of space for artists and exhibitors to show and sell their art in SL. We enjoy hosting RL fine art of all formats and genres: painting, still life, modern art, contemporary, photography, abstracts, stained glass, pottery, sculptures.

A.R.t Galerie Owners: Teofila Matova & Robbin Roelofs

If you would like to exhibit art with us, please IM Teofila Matova or email her at teofila.matova@gmail.com.


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