A Caledon Christmas Carol

The major­i­ty of the Radio Riel Play­ers as they appeared in A Christ­mas Car­ol. From L to R: Fuschia Bego­nia, Mavromichali Szon­di, Alas­tair Why­brow, Soliel Snook, Podru­ly Pec­ca­ble, Saf­fia Wid­der­shins, Elrik Mer­lin, Emi­ly Lady­bird, Ter­ry Light­foot and (in the win­dow), Morde­cai Scaggs. The per­form­ers for A Cale­don Christ­mas Car­ol also includ­ed Cor­nelia Roth­schild.

Radio Riel is proud to offer you anoth­er chance to hear the spe­cial full-cast per­for­mance by the Radio Riel Play­ers of A Christ­mas Car­ol, by Charles Dick­ens, drama­tised in three parts. Tune in to hear your favourite Cale­do­nians turn in delight­ful per­for­mances, adding a Cale­don slant to a tra­di­tion­al sea­son­al tale.

Please join us for these spe­cial install­ments of Radio Riel The­atre! We will gath­er at Radio Riel Head­quar­ters in Edi­son Hypa­tia (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Edison%20Hypatia/95/116/30) to lis­ten to the pro­gramme in three parts over three days — and then, on Christ­mas Eve, we’ll play all three! The pro­gram will run on Radio Riel’s main stream, http://music.radioriel.org, and includes times suit­able for both US and Euro­pean lis­ten­ers.

The sched­ule is as fol­lows:

Sun­day, Decem­ber 20
Part 1, 1pm & 7pm SLT

Mon­day, Decem­ber 21
Part 2, 1pm & 7pm SLT

Tues­day, Decem­ber 22
Part 3, 1pm & 7pm SLT

Thurs­day, Decem­ber 24
Com­plete Per­for­mance, begin­ning at 1pm SLT

A Christ­mas Car­ol
Drama­tised for radio by Saf­fia Wid­der­shins and Emi­ly Lady­bird.

Cast in order of appear­ance:

Nar­ra­tor — Elrik Mer­lin
Cler­gy­man — Mavromichali Szon­di?
Grave-dig­ger — Alis­tair Why­brow
?Pass­er by — Soliel Snook
??????????????Young Cratchit 1 — Saf­fia Wid­der­shins?
Young Cratchit 2 — Mavromichali Szon­di??
Ebenez­er Scrooge — Morde­cai Scaggs
Bob Cratchit — Podru­ly Pec­ca­ble
Fred, Scrooge’s nephew — Mavromichali Szon­di
1st Benev­o­lent Lady — Saf­fia Wid­der­shins
2nd Benev­o­lent Lady — Fuschia Bego­nia
Mar­ley — Alis­tair Why­brow
1st Spir­it (Christ­mas Past) — Soliel Snook
Jaeger — Mavromichali Szon­di
Fan­ny, Scrooge’s Sis­ter — Cor­nelia Roth­schild
Fezzi­wig — Podru­ly Pec­ca­ble
2nd Spir­it — Fuschia Bego­nia
Mrs Cratchit — Emi­ly Lady­bird
Martha Cratchit — Ter­ry Light­foot
Tiny Timasi­na — Cor­nelia Roth­schild
Belle, Fred’s wife — Saf­fia Wid­der­shins
Mr Top­per — Alis­tair Why­brow
Miss Rose, Belle’s sis­ter — Emi­ly Lady­bird
1st busi­ness­man — Mavromichali Szon­di
2nd busi­ness­man — Podru­ly Pec­ca­ble
3rd busi­ness­man — Elrik Mer­lin
4th busi­ness­man — Mavromichali Szon­di
5th busi­ness­man — Alis­tair Why­brow
Char­woman — Ter­ry Light­foot
Laun­dress — Emi­ly Lady­bird
Undertaker’s Man — Mavromichali Szon­di
Old Joe — Alis­tair Why­brow
Hus­band — Mavromichali Szon­di
Wife — Fuschia Bego­nia
Boy — Cor­nelia Roth­schild

The Radio Riel Play­ers were direct­ed by Fuschia Bego­nia and
the record­ing was pro­duced in our Cam­bridge stu­dios by Elrik Mer­lin.
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