ZBS Radio Hour: two new adventures

Today on the ZBS Radio Hour, at 11am and 7pm Pacif­ic — that’s 7pm and 3am UK time — we start two brand new adven­tures — Dreams of the Blue Mor­pho and Sarato­ga Springs!

The hour kicks off with a new tale star­ring our intre­pid explor­er Jack Flan­ders as he begins a series of new escapades under the title Trav­el­ing Jack. The sto­ry we begin this week is Dreams of the Blue Mor­pho.

Jack Flan­ders recieves a call from Cos­ta Rica: it’s his old friend , Mojo Sam. Mojo has a prob­lem, and her name is Amy Nel­son. She has been expe­ri­enc­ing a strange phe­nom­e­non: a “light” appears, hov­er­ing near­by, some­times in the trees, some­times out­side her win­dow, some­times above her bed. This hap­pens when­ev­er she’s involved in a rela­tion­ship. The light is rarely seen by oth­ers, but they feel there’s some­thing “witchy” about Amy. Even though she is not in the least bit “witchy”, it’s enough to send men scur­ry­ing.

Amy Fled Cos­ta Rica, where she was born, but the light has fol­lowed her. She asked mojo (who plays piano st Señor Frog’s), “Can you help me?” But Mojo can’t fig­ure out what caus­es this light. Jack flies down to Cos­ta Rica to help out, but he too is baf­fled, and a lit­tle fright­ened when he has a har­row­ing encounter with the light. Some­thing very pow­er­ful is hap­pen­ing and it may be traced back to the old African gods.

Jack is fol­lowed at the bot­tom of the hour with some­thing quite dif­fer­ent from ZBS: Sarato­ga Springs is about life in small-town Amer­i­ca, orig­i­nal­ly pro­duced as a series of 4‑minute dai­ly episodes for Nation­al Pub­lic Radio. Many of these episodes, deal­ing with the lives and loves of a whole cast of wacky char­ac­ters in this charm­ing town of Sarato­ga Springs, are bril­liant lit­tle gems. Some of the finest and fun­ni­est things ZBS has ever done are in here. We do hope you enjoy a very dif­fer­ent series of sto­ries from the bril­liant peo­ple at ZBS — one of the world’s finest sources of inde­pen­dent radio dra­ma.

And don’t for­get that if you like want you hear and want to hear more, you can down­load mp3s or buy CDs from the ZBS.org web site — and hear sam­ples of all the shows we’ve ever played on Radio Riel — and many more.

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