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Sunday July 26: An Ancient Journey — live from the Elven Forest

Ancient Journey July 26

You’re invit­ed to join us at Echoes of Jade in the Elven For­est in the vir­tu­al world of Sec­ond Life, on Sun­day July 26 from 2–4pm Pacif­ic (22:00-Midnight in the UK), for a musi­cal jour­ney through the Ancient World

The Space Programme: 51 Years Since Apollo 11

Eclec­tic music from space – and a spe­cial doc­u­men­tary on the Apol­lo 11 mis­sion, on the 51st anniver­sary of the mis­sion.

Songs from The Nightingale: Remembering Janet Wright (Soliel Snook)

Janet Wright - Soliel Snook

Tune in to this evening as Gabrielle Riel plays “Songs from The Nightin­gale: Remem­ber­ing Janet Wright” from 6–7:30pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic time to mark the 5th anniver­sary of Radio Riel Pre­sen­ter Janet Wright’s pass­ing & the 13th “Rez­day” of her avatar Soliel Snook.

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