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The Musical Magpie: Roots of Country Music

Coun­try music has a rich and var­ied back­ground of musi­cal influ­ences, from tra­di­tion­al music of the British Isles to African musi­cal tra­di­tions, Ger­man influ­ences on the music of north­ern Mex­i­co and Texas, the Blues, and mid-cen­­tu­ry pop music. Join us for a small sam­pling of ear­ly coun­try music and its pre­cur­sors. Lis­ten on Radio Riel […]

Audite Nova!

From 3:30 to 5:00pm, SLT, Dia­man­da Gustafson has select­ed for your lis­ten­ing plea­sure a num­ber of works from the Medieval and Renais­sance era
Join us in-world at the Claren­don Con­ser­va­to­ry or tune in the Radio Riel’s Main Stream and the Radio Riel Rever­ie Stream via your favorite play­er.

The Musical Magpie: Balkan sampler

Com­pli­cat­ed rhythms, unique vocal tech­niques, stringed instru­ments both plucked and bowed, flutes—and bag­pipes! Of course I would­n’t for­get the bag­pipes. On Sun­day, July 14, 12:30–2:00 pm Pacif­ic or Sec­ond Life time, the Musi­cal Mag­pie, Otenth Paderborn’s month­ly pro­gram of world, folk, and roots music, will sam­ple music from the Balkan penin­su­la. Lis­ten on Radio Riel […]

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