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Fantasy Faire Radio from Radio Riel

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Radio Riel family in the shape of Fantasy Faire Radio (FFR), which began broadcasting as a full-time Radio Riel stream on April 1, 2017.

Since 2014, Fantasy Faire Radio has been a special event station, sponsored by Radio Riel in its role as Media Partner in Fantasy Faire, the annual celebration of fantasy art, writing, design and creativity that raises money every year in the virtual world of Second Life for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, supporting cancer research, caregivers and cancer sufferers all over the world. But now FFR is broadcasting 24/7, as a full-time Internet radio service that will serve as a connection to the Faire community all year round, featuring a mix of Renaissance, New Age, Classical and Fantasy Soundtrack music. Listeners can tune in by opening in an Internet media player.

Fantasy Faire Radio is a significant part of the Fantasy Faire experience. During the month of Fantasy Faire 2016, more than 9000 unique listeners tuned in from one hundred and twenty countries around the world.  In the past, FFR has broadcast solely for the period of the Faire each Spring; but now it broadcasts year round with the same fantastic variety of music, storytelling, public service information, and all the other great content which has made it such a beloved part of the Faire.

On Fantasy Faire Radio, you’ll hear an eclectic selection of sounds – from mediaeval and Renaissance dances to powerful fantasy movie soundtracks; from in-game and TV themes to traditional folk songs and Celtic trance; and much more, along with drama, readings and other special programmes.

Listen to Fantasy Faire Radio at If in some cases this doesn’t work for you, try

Fantasy Faire Radio is made possible by its sponsors. If you would like to join them, visit this page on the Fantasy Faire web site.

Fantasy Faire Radio is based in the United States and is licensed to stream music by

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