Talk of the Tavern: Vampires, This Show Sucks!

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by Gabrielle Riel on Monday, 20 October, 2014

It’s Talk of the Tavern night!

We all know about the media and social war about modern vampires (sparkling vs. metrosexual vs. badass), and probably know that they all evolved from Bram Stoker’s book “Dracula”… but what was before all that?

Daniel Abt, Ed Summers, Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel, Susan Fessler of Pickled Brothers Circus, and Matthew “Correllbow” Correll of The State of the Nerd join host Travis Sivart to hunt down and stake out the origins of the sexiest monster in history.

The Sounds of Steam Music Hour will contain music which, unlike vampires, does NOT suck! Featured artists include Harlequin Jones, Abney Park, Birthrite, Unwoman and more! It will also contain our usual highlyinappropriate, after hours antics.

Talk of the Tavern runs on both Radio Riel’s main stream and Radio Riel Steampunk.

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Classics with a French Accent

by Elrik Merlin 18 October 2014 Daily Programme
The Eiffel Tower being struck by lightning on June 3, 1902

Today we present a selection of varied French pieces from the Baroque period to the early 20th century, including a good many famous names — and some not quite so well known who also have a place in the French classical pantheon.

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Swing, Big Band & Trad Jazz

by Elrik Merlin 15 October 2014 Daily Programme
Bert Ambrose And His Orchestra - from the film Soft Lights and Sweet Music (1936)

Join us today for a collection of Big Band and trad jazz music that spans the period 1920–50. You’ll hear the Charleston to Glenn Miller and everything in between, with both instrumental and vocal selections. In addition I’ve thrown in a few period novelty songs for your amusement.

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