Music of English Composers

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by Elrik Merlin on Wednesday, 30 July, 2014

Music of English Composers

Today we present a programme of music by English composers old and new, including recently-issued works by Christopher Gunning.

Gunning is a prolific British composer with a passion for writing large-scale symphonic works, more intimate concert pieces, and film and TV scores. In his concert music he has developed an individual yet approachable, colourful, and highly expressive language which frequently gives his music a strongly dramatic and emotional flavour. In film, he has worked on a wide variety of productions, ranging from period to contemporary dramas and wildlife films, and has won many awards for his work.

This will probably be at least one of the first broadcasts of excerpts from Christopher Gunning’s latest works, his 6th and 7th Symphonies and the symphonic tone poem Night Voyage, from the album released on the Discovery label. Gunning writes: “Symphonies 6 and 7 were composed during 2010 and 2011 respectively; each is a little over 20 minutes long and in a single span with several contrasting subsections. Separating these on the CD is “Night Voyage,” a shorter orchestral piece. In these performances I am once again conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.” For more information, click here.

Today’s programme is presented by Elrik Merlin. If you are in the United States or Canada, please click here to launch the Stream Licensing player. To listen from outside North America, click here to start your player .

This programme is also available in enhanced-quality AAC. Tune in here: 


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