Riel Theatre: Dr. No

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by Edward Pearse on Thursday, 26 March, 2015

Riel Theatre: Dr. No

7:00pm Tonight Riel Theatre presents a radio adaptation of the classic James Bond story Dr No.

A distinguished cast, headed by Toby Stephens and David Suchet, takes part in this ‘radio movie’ of Ian Fleming’s 1958 novel, dramatised by Hugh Whitemore.

Bond is sent to investigate a strange disappearance on the island of Jamaica, and discovers that the heart of the mystery lies with a sinister recluse known as ‘Dr No’. Another chance to hear this classic Bond adventure — the first in Radio 4’s ongoing all-star series.

’M’ .…. John Standing
Moneypenny .…. Janie Dee
James Bond .…. Toby Stephens
The Armourer .…. Peter Capaldi
Chief of Staff .…. Nicky Henson
Airport Announcer/Receptionist .….. Inika Leigh Wright
Airport Official/Pus-Feller/ Henchman .….Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Quarrel .…. Clarke Peters
Miss Chung/ Sister Lily .….. Kosha Engler
Pleydell Smith .…. Samuel West
Miss Taro/ Telephonist/ Sister May/Tennis girl.…. Jordanna Tin
Librarian .…. Lucy Fleming
Honey Rider .….. Lisa Dillon
Guard /Henchman/Crane Driver .…. Jon David Yu
Dr No .…. David Suchet
Acting Governor of Jamaica .…. Simon Williams
Voice of Ian Fleming .…. Martin Jarvis

Original music by Mark Holden and Sam Barbour

Producer: Rosalind Ayres
Director: Martin Jarvis
A Jarvis & Ayres Production for BBC Radio 4.


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Riel Theatre presents: The Red Panda

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Happy St Patrick's Day

Radio Riel is pleased to provide you with your “soundtrack” for the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday today! In the program, you will hear traditional Irish folk music with a dash of contemporary artists in the mix.

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