Riel Theatre presents: The Red Panda

Tonight Riel Theatre presents the fan favourite, two episodes of Decoder Ring Theatre’s The Red Panda!

Keeping 1930s Toronto safe from gangsters, racketeers and power-mad supervillains — Thrill to the tales of that Masked Man of Mystery; The Red Panda!
Tonight: Stop the Presses and The Wild West.

Join us at the Clarendon Conservatory in New Babbage from 7pm SLT on Thursday night or tune in to Radio Riel Main


Talk of the Tavern: Graphene, Science’s Miracle Child

by Gabrielle Riel 29 September 2014 Radio Riel Main

GRAPHENE! have you heard of this stuff? OMG, it is incredible, and Travis is joined by Ed Summers, Matthew Correll, Daphne Dewell as they explore, explain, and exclaim the wonders of this material which can and may change our whole world!

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Return of the MOST — Music from the Original Sound Track

by Elrik Merlin 29 September 2014 Monthly Programme
This Wednesday — It’s the MOST

The first Wednesday in the month is coming up, and that means it’s almost time for the latest episode of The MOST — Music from the Original Sound Track — presented by your host, Susannah.

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