Starry Night

It’s the fourth Sunday of the month and that means it is time for Swing Songs from The Nightingale. Gabrielle Riel broadcasts Big Band, Swing and Electro-Swing live on both Radio Riel’s main stream and Radio Riel Dieselpunk from 6:00pm — 7:30pm North American Pacific time. This month the Swing Songs musical theme is Swingin’ on a Star.

The past several weeks have seen several celestial current events. On July 20th we hit the 46th anniversary of the men from the Apollo 11 mission walking on the moon. Also, this month NASA’s New Horizons space probe passed the dwarf planet Pluto on the edge of our solar system. New Horizons was launched in January 2006 with the specific mission to study Pluto. It has returned a wealth of photographs unlike any that have ever been seen of the planet. In honor of these events this evening’s program contains music about the sun, stars, moon and more. Tune in and swing on a star!

If you happen to be in Second Life, please join us for the show at The Seraph Club in the Old Time Prims region. (


Swing Sunday

by Gabrielle Riel 26 July 2015 Daily Programme
Main: Swing Sunday

Today’s program on Radio Riel’s Main stream includes “vintage” big band and swing from all of the greats, such as Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Stan Kenton and more.

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A Victorian Entertainment

by Elrik Merlin 25 July 2015 Daily Programme
From the Library: A Victorian Entertainment

Today on Radio Riel, please join us for a day of music from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

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