RR-lightfoot-logo250We would like to inform you in advance of some changes that will happen in the next couple of weeks that may impact how you listen to Radio Riel.

We are consolidating our streams on to a new server system, and as a result, the IP addresses of our streams except Main will be changing.

If you listen to the streams — or have a virtual world parcel that has the media address set to one of our streams -  using an address consisting of a string of numbers like then you will need to change your bookmark. If, however, you use a name, like http://steampunk.radioriel.org, then no change will be needed.

All the links from the top left of this page, and those in our About Our Streams page will continue to work, and you can use the URLs found there, which are as follows:






We will have information on the changes for you in the next week or so, so watch this space.

Thanks for your continuing support of Radio Riel.


Music from the Grand Hotel

by Elrik Merlin 22 October 2014 Daily Programme
Music from the Grand Hotel

Today on Radio Riel’s main stream, we take you back to the dance-halls, hotel lounges and ocean liners of the early to middle 20th Century, from around the mid-20s to the 50s, characterised by the BBC radio series, Grand Hotel.

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Riel Theatre presents: The Haunted Hotel

by Edward Pearse 21 October 2014 Radio Drama
Riel Theatre presents: The Haunted Hotel

In 1860, the formidable Countess Narona marries a rich young aristocrat in London — but shortly after travelling to Venice her husband dies, apparently of natural causes, leaving the Countess a rich woman. Years later, guests in a Venetian hotel encounter the terrifying apparition of a murder victim seeking revenge. A full cast dramatisation of […]

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